Bulk Fuel and Oil Filtration
Parker Racor Filters available for virtually any Fuel / Oil requirement.

Over the last 37 years, Parker Racor Division has become the most trusted name in the engine, mobile, marine and stationary fuel filtration and water separation industries. Racor now has standard products available to filter virtually any fuel at any flow rate and can configure systems to meet customers’ requirements for application, environment and other specific parameters.

It is quite common to find diesel engines equipped with at least a basic fuel filtration device. Yet in the face of a general worldwide decline in the quality of diesel fuel itself, basic forms of filtration may not adequately protect precision components. Water, an engines worst enemy, is found in diesel due to condensation, handling and environmental conditions.

Transfer of fuel and oil from tankers, from bulk tanks into workshops and service vehicles can be managed and correctly filtered to a target ISO cleanliness with the assistance of Bard Engineering and the Parker Racor range of products.


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